Altimeter, Encoder, Servo
Battery Charge, G.C.U, Card Assy
Bus Protection Panel,PCB
Compas Indicator
EGT Indicator
Emergency Light, TR, Strobe Light
EPR Transmiter and Indicator
Flap Position Indicator
Fuel and Oil Quantity
Fuel Flow Indicator
Gyros Directional, Vertical, Displacet, Altitude Horizon
Power Supply, Bus Protection
Tank Unit, APU Control Unit
Temperature Indicator
Uniserv Missions and Benefits
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Uniserv Missions and Benefits


- Quality and experience,
- Services functional testing, repair overhaul, and sales.
- Uniserv Aviation Inc,
Updated its capability every month.


Free evaluation of all repairs and overhaul requirements.
All instruments are returned with a detailed tear down report, showing step by step the work that has been accomplished.

Repair and overhauled do not exceed 65% of new replaced cost.

In all repair and overhauls, we follow the latest manufacturerís maintained manual, and services bulletins,


Increment new equipment advance tecnologies.
Found more custumer, especial Airline.
Increment my capability mechanis accesory.


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