Altimeter, Encoder, Servo
Battery Charge, G.C.U, Card Assy
Bus Protection Panel,PCB
Compas Indicator
EGT Indicator
Emergency Light, TR, Strobe Light
EPR Transmiter and Indicator
Flap Position Indicator
Fuel and Oil Quantity
Fuel Flow Indicator
Gyros Directional, Vertical, Displacet, Altitude Horizon
Power Supply, Bus Protection
Tank Unit, APU Control Unit
Temperature Indicator
Uniserv Missions and Benefits
Mailing Address


Uniserv Aviation Inc. develops Aviation Industries, since 2000, is a Repair Station approved for F.A.A. Federal Aviation Administration, and EASA Europe Aviation Administration. Uniserv work Repair, Overhauled, modification, for Airplane Jet commercial, General Aviation, and Military.

Uniserv aviation give services the repair Instrument, and Electronic Accessories, Work Repair, Overhaul, Modification, Tests, Altimeter, Airspeed, engines temperature indication, Ignition Exciter, Flight Director Indicator, Navigation Instrument, Gyros, Generator Controller, Cabin Pressure Controls, Pressure Transmitter, and E.P.R. Transmitters..

The company is start limited rate, and expanse in unlimited rate.






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